Why join?

We are often asked why should I join?  To have the strongest position with Government, we must have a strong membership base, there is strength in numbers.  As an Association, we can keep pressure on the Government to push the issues that matter most to our members - the need for a statewide GP VMO arrangement, remuneration for Urgent Care Centre Work, commitment to rural birthing services, improved access for rural Victorians to mental health services and enhanced training pathways for rural generalists and the consultant specialty areas.

As an individual, being a member of RDAV has many direct benefits, you receive:

  • support for employment issues including contract negotiation advice
  • assistance with College training and/or accreditation issues
  • conference registration discounts at Victorian Rural Health Conference and Rural Medicine Australia (receive over 50% of your membership fee back on these savings alone)
  • free counselling service through the RDAA Members Assistance Program, more info available here 


Aaaaannnddd - you also get membership of RDAA!

When you join RDAV, a portion of your membership fee goes to our national body, RDAA. These funds allow RDAA to represent rural doctors at a national level, which is hugely important as all Medicare legislation is governed by the Commonwealth along with the majority of workforce distribution policies and programs.

RDAA does this by:

  • Working closely with the Commonwealth and State governments to help develop policies and programs that will succeed in rural areas
  • Promoting rural medical careers to junior doctors (#DestinationRural) [link]
  • Providing professional support for rural doctors
  • Working to develop improved financial incentives for rural doctors
  • Promoting strategies that will build a sustainable rural medical workforce [link]


More RDAA info