Looking after yourself - it is essential to provide quality care to your patients:


Getting the balance right in your busy work life is critical and it is important you look after yourself.    There are some key things as a doctor you should consider to maintain your own good health, both physically and mentally:

  • Have a regular GP
  • Maintain your interests outside of medicine - whether it is sport, music, painting, fishing, knitting, whatever it maybe continue to find time to enjoy it.
  • Give yourself permission to set limits: Its OK to say no and put yourself and/or your family first
  • Healthy diet - we'd say drink less coffee, but we should be realistic in our expectations.
  • Connect regularly with family and friends
  • Access the services that are designed to understand your needs.

RDAA Member Assistance Program

RDAA Member Assistance Program provides access to a free confidential counselling service available to all RDA members. This service provides access to professional counsellors to discuss your concerns and develop strategies or options to help you cope or resolve the issue.  On referral to specialised support and services may also be recommended.  A way to access a service with confidences that it is independent of your employer and college.

Phone:  1800 818 728


There are other services available to help:


VDHP website

Phone: 1300 330 543

Drs4Drs website

Phone: 1300 374 377 (counselling service)